About Matt Moore

Matt Moore performing at 35 Denton Music Festival
Matt Moore performing at 35 Denton Music Festival

Matthew Moore is a 31-year-old graduate from the prestigious Jazz Music School, University of North Texas. Matt has 20 plus years experience in the 7 instruments he teaches. Starting back from when he was a kid, he picked up the guitar, followed by the Baritone saxophone in the 6th grade. From then, he mastered the Tenor and Alto saxophones, as well as clarinet and flute. Matt started drumming in high school and continued his education through college. Matt started piano in college where he became a very quick study and has now been teaching it for 8 years.

Matt teaches at The Musicians Woodshed part-time and teaches his own privates students as well. With his intense knowledge of these 7 instruments, Matt is now going to transition to teaching full-time, privately. As well as teaching, Matt is in several projects around Austin. Composing and playing are just the beginning in Matt Moore’s musical life.

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